Martin Dolgener

The Creative Mind of Martin Dolgener [interview]

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It is hard to describe the ever evolving spirit that is known as Martin Dolgeners music. Some words that come to mind though are “Relentless”, “Otherworldly”, and “Forward-Thinking”, just to name a few. The Toronto based technonaught has always had a unique perspective on creating bold and original techno “noise” …


[tech review] Bloq – A Virtual Drum & Synthesizer Instrument

David Frabutt Interviews

Sample Magic has created their first virtual instrument, and they debut in monster fashion! Introducing “Bloq”, a multi-sampled virtual drum and synthesizer instrument for Kontakt 5, with drum racks for  Ableton Live 9 and a Logic EXS-24/Ultrabeat version. Bloq is the brainchild of internationally known producer and Sample Magic co-founder …