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Andre Ramos, Is not your typical Techno artist. Before he was involved with the dance scene his background was in Jazz , Punk Rock and Heavy. At the age of 9 he was intrigued by the art of making music, thanks to his dad/song writer, Tito Ramos, member of the TNT Boys. His Teenage years were occupied with the involvement in New York’s electronic scene. These early years gave him an insight into the diversity of sounds within the different genres of the electronic music. Earning respect thru the years in the Techno scene, Andre has release music with labels such as Illegal Alien Records, Sleaze Records (UK) Lazerslut , De-Konstrukt , Darknet , Frakture Audio , Android Muziq , Dark & Sonorus , just to name a few. Andre , has been supported by artist like Erphun , Ricardo Garduno , Lance Blaise , JPLS , Miro Pajic , Kyle Geiger , Matador , Heron , Richie Hawtin , just to name a few. Look out for future releases on labels like, Driving Forces Recording, True Type Tracks and Teggno , just to name a few. Andre diligently strives to make music that is not only distinct, but memorable. So look out and listen in because the uniqueness of Andre’s sound is guaranteed to move you, and leave you wanting more!